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ZHT's TTT Appeal


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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:591669195

Reason for ban: Cheating

Issuing staff member: Richard Thick

Ban length: Permanent



I was banned for cheating and that I was falesly accused of cheating.

Im using cl_interp 5 which makes the server refresh rate slower than me in which the spectator would see me shooting a target that isnt there when it was on my screen. I used it to reduce packet loss because I have a bad internet router and 100 ping as I'm currently living in Singapore and it may casue people to think that Im cheating as on their screen I was shooting a target that had already moved.

Here is evience of using cl_interp and the spectator view: Evidence
The screen on the left is the spectator's view and right is the player view


I really love this server and spent more than 100 hours on the server when I have only 120+ hours on gmod, there is no point for me to spend that much time on the server if I am going to cheat.

Thanks for reading and I hope this could be resolved soon


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this proves there is latency in the spec system but it doesnt prove your innocence, mods are aware of the fact that the spec system is bad however they still thought you were cheating just off gameplay and shots being further away than they should be + alot of your shots just SHOULDNT have hit even factoring in spec latency 

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I can understand why players believe this player to be cheating but going off all provided information and my deep understanding about the systems responsible.

I believe this player wasn't cheating.

The staff disagree with me and I understand why they do but understand I will not ban innocent players.

Saying that;

ZHT, please don't reduce you update rate/lerp.

You where detected by the AC when you first joined the server but due to the fact you where unbanned by an admin and that the AC hasn't detected anything else going forward I have given you the benefit of doubt.

This will not be happening again.

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