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Defib buff

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Seen a couple people ask why they never get defibbed on their t round, thought of a couple ideas to incentivize people to use it such as:

Show where dead T buddies are
Show how many are headshot killed / not headshot killed
Grant XP for revive

Adding 1 of these or more would help with the defib in my opinion

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22 hours ago, marci said:

why would I rev someone for xp when I can kill all remaining innos and get 8x the XP 🙂


Haven't discussed xp but since you asked, for example could make it worth while by making the defib xp lets say 275xp? I'd say that more than enough (then of couse with double xp token) its a decent amount of xp to go out of the way for, plus if you defib ur T buddy and they die without getting any of the remaining innos, then not only did you get your 275xp/550xp, you still get all the innos ontop

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19 hours ago, Jobet said:

I have no idea how viable it is but getting a portion of XP for any kills your revived buddy gets would be cool

Not sure about this, as people that have been around for awhile have a rough idea who the try hards are and who the casual players are, so i believe all the sweats would get all the defibs and the casual players wont be defibbed at all

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