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Banned for reason: Aimbot

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Steam Name: Polio Paul

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:73537638

Reason for Ban: Aimbot

Staff Member Who Banned You: Aeyon (I think)

Ban Length: permanent

Your Appeal: (Why should your ban be removed?)


I wasn't cheating and I have never cheated, I have horrible aim so I don't understand how  it was mistaken for aimbot, I had a friend on the server who was asking for proof on why I was banned on my behalf and staff told him to stop asking. I really cant understand what proof there would be as I wasn't cheating at all and I don't think I did anything cheater like.

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I feel like your leaving out details on your Ban - Like Were you an innocent and killing all the T fast or were you the T killing all the Innocents.






This right here is your time in the last 30 Days 





This is your score in the last 30 days



your Time played in this server is around 0.95



So your new to this server, And new to TTT as Your name isnt known in any other server. So that leaves me to say How does someone like you get a high score......

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