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Rick for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:42936962

Age: 25

Current Server Level: 23

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Tim_The_Warlord
Giga WRonin


About Rick:

Hey my name is Rick and I'm from Sydney. I'm currently studying my Bachelors in Psychological Sciences at UNE. As far as hobbies go, I'm into building model kits, Gunpla, Warhammer 40k (the boys in blue, for anyone who knows) and WW2 military vehicles my favourites being German vehicles. Besides playing gmod a lot more lately, I'm heavily invested War Thunder. Besides that I read, go to the Gym and listen to a lot of music, I listen to mainly metal but I also like bit of everything.


Reason for Application:

I've always been interested in moderating but It's never been more than a passing thought. Since I joined the server, I've noticed that the moderation team has been pretty chill, and I thought, why not, I might just give it a go. While I'm online during peak times, I'm usually on when its quiet and at times there are no moderators on, with the server devolving into RDM. My thinking was that I could help keep the server from turning into chaos in those early hours (not saying there is no staff or there is a lack of staff however). Other than that I thought it might be an interesting experience moderating and that I could lend a hand to the staff on a server I enjoy playing on.


Previous Experience:

I don't have prior experience in moderating, but I have looked after my little cousins who are under the age of six, so I'm thinking that looking after a TTT server probably isn't any different.


Additional Comments:

My mum thinks I'm cool.

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