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Increase the bonus money for playing


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The money you get for playing is literally almost nothing, even with VIP:
If you were to play for 3 hours during the day, you would only get $7200 flux bux, and without VIP $3600.

3 hours of play time to get just short of 3 abyssal crates with VIP, and barely 1 abyssal crate without VIP.
Feel like the points you gain by playing should be slightly increased, just an example $400 for VIP and $200 for regular.

Now again that was just a example and ik if the price was increased too high it would crash the market, but i definitely feel like there should be some sort of change.


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On the current version of the TTT server, making money isn't an issue.

In the next update crates and market place will go up in cost to help remove money from the server.

Inflation of the economy isn't a good thing and I want to keep money at a similar value.

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