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Doma's TTT Appeal


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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56484101

Reason for ban: Perma Gag

Issuing staff member: lux

Ban length: Permanent



I'm sorry for saying the inappropriate word and it won't happen again. I've learned my lesson and wish to speak in my native tongue in-game. ❤️

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It's always admins ruining other peoples fun and policing what others say. As Australians we pride ourselves in being free what we're seeing isn't freedom we are clearly seeing an admin coup or an ivory tower as I call it unfortunately in these times players don't get a say or even an opinion for that matter. I say 100% ungag this man let him be free you can just debate with what he's saying or better yet don't be a retard child and ignore it. God I hate admins you all want power and then get bullied out of it let it be known.

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