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Old suggestion, just placing it on forums for a reminder.

You can create a clan / team consisting of 5 people max (more or less). All XP gained will also go into the clan to level it up to get bonus rewards for example:

Level 5:  Everyone in the clan receives 5 glitched crates
Level 10: Everyone in the clan receives 1 mod remover
Level 15: Everyone in the clan receives a bonus 5% XP
Level 20: Everyone in the clan receives a extra re-roll on the daily

Just some ideas for rewards (subject to change). Clans can be displayed in the menu under its own tab "Clan boards" which people can view the Clans name, level, how many members and if the clan is open, closed or full. I imagine accepting an invite would look similar to the trade pop up that appears at the top on your screen, displaying:

Who invited you
Clan name
Accept button
Decline button

It's a similar concept to Clash of Clans but if this were to be implemented I think another form of progression with rewards such as this would be a great idea.



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