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Hharry's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78239934

Reason for ban: Mic Spam

Issuing staff member: Kat

Ban length: Permanent Gag



This appeal is on behalf of Master_Oogway_V2 (His father has restricted him from using this online forum)

"im sincerely sorry about what i did before i think i have learned my lesson and i will not use auto tune on flux TTT again"
Master Oogway has promised he wont use a voice changer and to use his mic properly in the future if his gag is lifted.


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This is the most respectable appeal I have ever come across on this forum page. I whole-heartedly think Oogway's unmute has been long overdue as the permanent-gag for a simple autotune was Kat well and truly abusing and taking her admin rights too far.



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The autotune was an expression of art. Art in the form of music. Music is subjective, just like any form of art. Therefore there was no good reason to gag Master Oogway. Kat's simple musical opinions should not affect the experience of other listeners. If anything, the short-lived usage of autotune was truly the most entertaining & most-welcome aspect of microphone communication.

The main point is, Oogway has already served his time. An undeserved punishment to say the least. 

Justice for Oogway.

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