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Feels bit bland seeing the same player models every day, so i thought of a a way to add player models in a way that the community can also be involved.

Towards the end of the month, staff gets a handful of player models that can be elected into a poll vote for the community to decide which out of the X skins can be implemented into the server, this way we can see fresh new models and the community can semi pick what they want.

Or every lets say 3 months add 3 skins etc.

Not sure if i misheard, but i vaguely remember someone saying something amongst the lines of "Too many skins makes the download too long, and may make players not want to join", but player models are not nearly as big as maps.

tldr: new player models should be added

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Player models don't bring much value when it comes to things to add to a server.

Players generally pick one and stick to it.

Adding player models is a thing we will do but not to the extremes you have suggested.

When I add content to the server it needs to be something most players will use at some point in time or be very lightweight on the server and small in file size for the players to download.

In Garry's mod bloat isn't taken serious enough on servers. I am extremely strict on content file size and bang for buck content.

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