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  • Suggestion:
    • A Night Market Section with a few addons to it
    • Basically the night market is a combination of things rolled into one package, but this addition is hardly needed unless all other tasks are complete, because its essentially a big one. I'll explain these in parts:
      • The market: Every night at 8pm - 11:59pm the Market side of the shop opens, with the server selling things that would take a fucking long time to get for a bit of money, mod strippers, guns with glitched mods on it, skins, random shit. The Night Market has an upscale in everything it sells, which means you are paying alot for the items you buy. Once it hits 12:00 am, the market will close only to re-open at 8pm everyday. 
      • The Forge: This side of the Night Market allows players to COMBINE modifiers for a certain price e.g. Spread 1 + Spread 1 = Spread 2 (50,000 Flux bux) -- Spread 2 + Spread 2 = Spread 3 (250,000 Flux Bux). This follows a similar thing to the way you combine enchants on minecraft.
      • Soul Anvil: This section is basically a reward bonus for those who stay on longer or get loads of kills. Basically, once a day a player can press CLAIM on the Soul Anvil, and depending on the amount of souls collected by the player, the more unique the reward. Players get souls just by simply killing their opposites and upping their score.
        • Once the Soul Anvil is claimed, you cannot claim it again in the same day, it is locked.
        • Souls reset at 12:00 (midnight) everyday, meaning you cannot stack souls.'
        • Souls stop stacking when you have claimed your prize
  • How will this benefit the server?
    • This is a cool Niche idea, that serves as a replacement for summer climbs, its easier to code and is far drawn back in scale than seasonal rewards.
  • Additional Comments:
    • Suck on deez
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