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Remove the paper plane or fix it


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1 hour ago, Lush said:

The paper plane is not a good edition to TTT, I'll just be dot pointing as its 8 in the morning and I haven't fucking slept.

-Plane can literally phase through walls (not good or intended)

-Tracking is dogshit, I've been killed by a plane that I've thrown just about as many times as I've used one and this is because instead of propelling in the direction you want it to (where you've pushed it) it goes to the nearest player

-Generally disliked by players

-50hp health nerf isn't a huge change when the plane is tiny and hard to hit especially while moving away from it, this just be a non auto user problem, not sure.

- Lush

-Edit: I'm not suggestion you throw the plane in one direction and it perpetually goes in that direction I'm just suggesting that it goes at least 10 metres before coming right back into your face because of some inno behind you.

- Spawning a plane through a wall is a bug that I didn't fix because it's fun.

- When you throw a plane it locks on to the closes players. That by design?

- I would say more players like it then hate it. Going off what I have seen.

- It's a huge nerf, only having 50 HP it's a one shot scout or two deagle shots.

I understand the hit box it small but when I play with my scout and deagle I destroy them all the time.

I always see players running from it but if you just shoot it. 50HP goes down fast even if you are missing most of the bullets.

Conclusion, this isn't a suggestion this is you simply complaining. You didn't suggestion a single change in this post.

Which isn't a bad thing but nothing is going to change unless you suggest changes.


I'll suggest a change:

I could change it from a bomb to a bigger fire grenade when it hits a player.

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