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Seasonal Climbs Suggestion


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  • Suggestion: Basically Seasonal climbs, tldr: Complete objectives, get rewards.
    • Description: Seasonal climbs is styled in a quest system, where you will work towards getting cool rewards. Quests can be from 15-30 depending on what Menace actually wants to add in or up to 100 missions, if he even wants to code this in the begin with. The F3 key or something would open a derma panel with information about the climb and what to do and also provide your current quest and what to do. (ill draw up a mockup to give you some ideas)
      • With each climb comes seasonal crates too
        • Summer Crate (contains summer skins, models etc)
        • Winter Crate (contains winter skins, models etc)
        • Halloween Crate
        • Easter Crate
        • Christmas Crate
    • Each quest is unique and provides different and sometimes random rewards, examples of these quests include:
      • Rightfully kill 10 people with a Jihadd or C4 in one go
      • Achieve 150 rightful headshot kills with the Winchester
      • Identify 275 bodies
      • Rightfully kill 145 people with explosions
      • Save 25 people from dying by a Traitors hands
      • Destroy 20 pieces of Detective equipment as a Traitor
    • Rewards can include:
      • Random Glitched
      • Random Uncommon +
      • Flux Bux
      • Premium Points
      • T/D passes
      • Crates
      • Specific Weapons
      • VIP Items
    • This climb can be set into different themes, e.g. Christmas, easter, etc. With different quests relating to the theme and rewards to match (e.g a christmas skin). Its possible to put a timer on these operations, once the timer ends, you can no longer complete the operation or earn any rewards, furthermore, I know a majority of us hates battle passes, but this could be a battle pass deal, but I doubt that it will be.
    • image.thumb.png.1624349bb2f3d428295107f3f32acb9e.png
  • How will this benefit the server?
    • This serves to spice up the TTT gamemode, similar to what other US servers do, but without the gambling bullshit.


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