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Unban ( Timeframe)

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Steam Name: [Red]Sharky

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:4457298

Reason for Ban: Low Karma

Staff Member Who Banned You: Not to sure

Ban Length: 1 hour  maybe

Your Appeal: (Why should your ban be removed?) - I was RDM which was stupid so I want to face the ban and will learn from this for sure.


Ive never been banned before so this is a new thing for me. Im a staff On Dinkleberg server and I want to play on others like yours to spread my wings.


Understandable If I dont get Unbanned straight away. Just want a time frame so I learn

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Well It's a Karma Ban. It was the server that automatically banned you because your Karma hit below 600, meaning you had dealt a reasonable amount of damage to a bunch of innocents or killed a bunch of innocents, in one go or across two or three rounds. You're just going to have to wait it out, as It's only an hour.

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