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LopSopDoy for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:68269572

Age: 22

Current Server Level: 36

Recommendation(s) from Staff:
gif cartel


About LopSopDoy:


I am Gronk Hunter. I am in my last semester of university and I enjoy lifting heavy rocks at the gym (SBD 400kg). I have nearly 2k hours on Garry's mod across the years and I always find myself coming back to it. Aside from Gmod I also enjoy cycling other games in my library and absolutely dominating Flux discord poker.



Reason for Application:


Apart from the generic "No staff are on when I'm playing :((", I think most of the staff are real cool dudes and I would like to see myself be a part of the team and help out the community where possible. I think I am able to make a positive impact on the server and handle reports with great judiciousness and efficiency. 



Previous Experience:


I admin'd on both Pooseidon TTT and Voxel TTT so I know my way around the rules and responsibilites of staff roles. 



Additional Comments:


Since my intial application I have put the time into building rapport with members of the community and redeveloping my personality to not be a "minge" (@Kat), and I hope this application is taken more seriously than the last. 


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I'm gonna print this out and frame it, only for it to be later found at a thrift store where some trendy group of kids will discover it, probably calling it "heat" or whatever term is cool at the time.

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