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Ban Appeal

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Steam Name: Neztile 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55669208

Reason for Ban: Cheating

Staff Member Who Banned You: Unknown

Ban Length: Permanent

Your Appeal: With the 1200+ hrs I have on GMod I've spent 99% of it on 2 different TTT servers 5 or so years ago Administrating/Moderating them. Pretty sure the last time I played GMod since then was a couple of months ago and was only for a few hours to see if GMod was yet dead. Maybe I did play on Flux? Not sure... but Cheating?! YIKES. (I realise my CS:GO and Rust bans dont make this any easier for me...) 


Anyhow... I have never cheated on this game... don't remember ever playing on this server and my friends and I have recently got back into TTT and your server is the only populated one in AUS and according to my mates you have a great server.



Would love to see any kind of evidence or explination for my ban which I do not at all recall recieving. Or better yet... an unban...


As an ex Head Admin and Moderator of 2 of the oldest and most popular TTT servers you might be able to imagine how much of a nerd I am that takes this TTT stuff way too seriously... I don't break the rules, enjoy this gamemode way too much.

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