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Banned On TTT

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Steam Name:Astaghfirulla

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:57524933

Reason for Ban:Aimbot/Walls

Staff Member Who Banned You: No clue

Ban Length: Perm

Your Appeal: (Why should your ban be removed?)

First of all let me say i was not cheating at all, i was banned a while ago and only making this now because i want to come back.

I was banned once for cheating by an admin who i don't remember his name and i went into discord and explained i wasn't cheating even after he said apparently he looked at my screen and saw and i quote 'I went and looked at your screen and i saw stuff that wasn't supposed to be there' which is bullshit but he unbanned me and i kept playing that day and logged off later. A couple of months later i wanted to come play and i saw i was banned for aimbot and walls, i have never cheated on the server and don't see a point of cheating on it, i think its kind of stupid the whole reason i was banned in the first place is because some random person on the server was mad at me so he called me a cheater. I just want to be unbanned so i can play on the server.

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You have been unbanned due to the fact that we currently hold no record of you cheating, however if we have reason to believe you are in fact cheating you will once again be permanently banned with no chance of it being removed.

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