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Rookie's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198304266050/

Reason for ban: Made a joke about Israel or something like that

Issuing staff member: Richard Thick

Ban length: Permanent GAG




sup bois

I apologize if the details are foggy I got banned like 2 weeks ago when I had the flu so the details are foggy but yeah

I made a joke about Israel or something along those lines and that Israel should be destroyed so the Palestinian Christians can be freed and the Kingdom of Jerusalem can be reinstated (something like that, I know it was about Israel but it wasn't anything involving gas chambers, it was just Israel should be taken over, no nazi stuff) apparently this counts as "racism" since I got perma gagged permanently 30 secs - 1 minute after I made the joke without any warning

so yeah sorry if I offended anyone with the joke but for reference there was a dude in the game who was making George Floyd jokes and waving a dead skeleton around so call me a conspiracy theorist but the perma gag might've been just a "tiny enncy wincy tiny bit biased" if he could get away with George Floyd stuff but I can't make a harmless joke about Israel but you didn't hear it from me


Anyways I hope you lads can not find me wanting and hopefully have the gracious mercy to allow me to speak in conversation to disembodied voices but ah well


P.S  give me back my spray perms I can't remember who removed them but they said my sprays are "nsfw" which is frankly not true because I used that spray for months and everyone has seen it and they haven't complained about it so I guess it's another tick


but yeah pls unban 

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Hey @ Rookie  we're discussing your appeal now and will hopefully have a verdict for you sometime soon.

Just to clear up those misconceptions around your perma gag, you were gagged for saying the following things:
- "I think we should kill the Jews and Palestinians and make a christian ethno state"
- "Discord is Chinese propoganda... I don't think Chinese people have souls... it's a sin to murder someone, but if I murder a chinese person it's not a sin because they don't have souls"
- "You fuckin' filithy negro"
- "Fuckin' stinky Muslim"

You had been warned in between these offences, but that didn't seem to change your behaviour

We aim to have flux server a safe and welcoming place for players from all walks of life and your comments are in direct violation of that goal and are not acceptable in the Flux Community.
I hope in future you'll think a bit harder before you speak.

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I don't remember saying all of those things in that one specific timeframe. Just the ethnostate one. Also for reference that chinese people have no souls thing was a gag I was saying awhile ago as a joke but apparently people misinterpret my jokes on the internet (woah would've thunked it.) and think I'm a flat out racist which I'm not, kinda goes against the whole dignity of the human spirit ya know. I'm not trying to justify my jokes I'm just saying that I say offensive things because it's just my humor and I hear all sorts of racist offensive shit all the time on Flux being said by everyone, especially when there are no mods or admins around on the server so say what you want about Flux being a safe space full of always friendly people but I think you kinda need to realize that everyone just wants to hop on garry's mod to say fucked shit because it's fun, not necessarily out of trying to spread racial hatred or whatever, it's kinda gay to do it on Garry's mod of all things

regardless I get you're just doing your job and I can appreciate that but hopefully I'll be forgiven and ungagged so I can talk with people instead of using typy words because I hate getting domed

thanks for readin'

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Thanks for waiting @ lord is my shepherd

The Punisher's have met and decided to deny your perma-gag appeal. You have previously been perma-gagged for the same reasons and had your appeal accepted. The fact that you've continued this behaviour despite this, shows that you do not have any intention to listen to staff, abide by the server rules or change your behaviour.

Additionally, you may not create further appeals for this perma-gag. This gag will be permanant and any further appeals will be denied without discussion.

We also discussed your spray ban and agreed to remove the ban, provided that you change your spray to something server appropriate. Please change your spray and contact a server moderator for the spray ban to be removed.

I understand that this is not the result you wanted, but we hope that this will not stop you from playing and enjoying Flux TTT. 
Thank you for your appeal.


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