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Admin Report Flux | Astro Captain

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Your Steam Name: Garry 

Your SteamID:


Name Of Server: TTT

Date & Time of Incident: (DD/MM/YYYY  HH:MM AM/PM)

9/1/2019 22:20

Reported Player's Steam Name:Flux | Astro Captain

Reported Player's SteamID: Can't find

What They Did Wrong: Hi, they gagged me and I asked why I was gagged and Astro Captain said "Flux | Astro Captain: youre D m9".

I'm offended by this I feel a trial mod should at least explain why before just insulting another player for simply asking why. 

For example Tim the Warlord is a good Admin because he explains the actual reasoning why instead of just insulting players like Astro Captain does.

Logged Evidence on Reported Player: (If applicable)

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Hello, the reason you were gagged was because you used a racial slur, which is against our rules of racism. Our Trial Mod: Astro Captain had every right to gag you.


You did ask why you were gagged even though you did say "trial mod is aids you're over doing your job; nobody is getting offended" implying you do understand why you were gagged for what you said.


Our Moderator: Tim The Warlord did reply to you saying it's against the rules.


Lastly Astro Captain didn't intend to "insult" you with "youre d m9" he was only reminding you that you are a Detective in that round.

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