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Steb Mod App

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Server: TTT


Steam name: Flux | Steb


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:22331734


Age: 25




(Yet to pick some but have spoken to some staff in Discord)


Why do you want to become staff?

I enjoy the servers/community and sometimes notice the lack of staff at certain hours of the day or night. I believe by becoming staff I would be able to help with the FLUX servers and community. I do have some knowledge of the RDM management and some server management from years ago that has slowly come back to me.


Do you have a microphone and how often do you use it?

Yes and always use it


How many hours do you have on Flux Servers?

Currently sitting at 17 and a half hours increasing


Have you previously been a staff member on any Gmod server?

Kawaii Network, was staff on all the servers from TTT, DarkRP, PropHunt, and Death Run. I started as a Trusted and moved my way up to admin and gained console access.


I do understand there is a minimum time to be accepted however thought to add in my application while I play in game for consideration.

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