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Nickel_Ass's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: N/A

Reason for ban: Spray is allegedly not 'SFW'

Issuing staff member: Menace

Ban length: Until Spray privilege is reinstated



My spray privilege was removed for allegedly being 'NSFW' and 'baiting'. Please see the link for my spray image: https://imgur.com/Wdn8hx4

Whoever removed my spray privilege needs to read a dictionary and realise that the text on my spray is "Safe for Work' and is rated 'PG'. There are no slurs, drugs, or sex-related material on my spray.

Please see the below two videos that EXPLAIN what 'niggardly' means.



Whoever banned me seems to have a morbid fixation on linking words that start with 'n' to a particular slur that starts with n, which I will not say (as I would most likely be banned here).


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My spray does not violate TTT rules. See rules and definitions below in quotation marks (as posted on website)

"2. All usernames and sprays must be SFW* and appropriate for all. Usernames must also be easily identifiable by all on the server."

" Definitions: SFW: Safe for work, keep all content PG and appropriate for all people and ages."

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Whilst I understand that the words in this spray are not racist, please remember a majority of people aren't aware of this word. Also it can come across being an attempt to appear 'edgy' by using such words closely related to a racist slur. Is there any chance that you could use a different spray in order to avoid such issues?

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1 minute ago, Nickel_Ass said:

It is not my responsibility if someone doesn't understand what a word means. As you just stated, you understand that the spray isn't racist, therefore it is 'SFW'.

You literally have a racist caricature of a Jew in the spray you know exactly what the fuck you're doing lmfao. 

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Just now, Nickel_Ass said:

nyo, I never said it was a caricature of a Jew. You're making these supposed links, not me.

Anyone who's been on the internet for more than 10 seconds has seen it, don't act all coy and innocent buddy.

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@ Nickel_Ass Sorry for the late response. We are looking into this now.

Just a fair warning your case is not strong here.

You were spray banned and told to change your spray by a staff member, fact remains that you did not listen to a staff member when told to change it. Your argument holds very little merit, and holds no place in a Gmod community. To be honest with you, we are struggling to find a good reason for this spray to ever exist in the first place. What's even with the racist caricature of a Jew? The Jewish community in Niger is not even that big.

Anyways, we are deciding on a conclusion on this now. Please hang tight.

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Jaska V, the man rubbing his hands together is to show the niggardly nature of Nigerian nobles. It's a reference to an infamous scam in which Nigerian princes would email random people, asking for a small sum of money in return for a larger sum of money. I wanted to alliterate the sentence in my spray, hence making all the words start with n.


I never stated that it was a caricature of a Jew.

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@ Nickel_Ass after some thought, some waiting and watching this appeal, we believe that you at this current point of time cant be trusted with Spray perms. In the future, if a moderator asks for something to be stopped, please do so and take your concerns privately into the DM's of either an Administrator or preferably community manager@ birbobert .

We hope you continue to play on our servers and have fun regardless, however be mindful of when a staff member makes a request in the future.


/Denied, closed.

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