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Flux TTT Staff Application

Steam name: Surbuland

Steam ID:76561198024786941


Time spent on Flux: 7 hours

Have i been a member of staff on any other severs?

Yes i was actually a moderator on the sever "420 blaze it TTT".I had around 24 days-26 on that sever. It actually shut down two weeks after i became a moderator but i was taught how to handle reports and bad players.


Why i want to become staff


ive played around 600 hours on both my accounts and 75% of that time was on TTT on various severs. I have alot of free time on my hands. I absolutely love TTT and garrys mod and i spend alot of my time playing it. I have alot of expereince on TTT severs and i know the ins and outs of it. I want to become a staff because literally every time i play, there is either one or no mod on the sever. There is so much rdm and bullying that goes on this sever. Actually as i write this, there is a person being bullied, kosed and killed  for no reason because people see theres no mod on right now. Even now i can hears the players criticize the staff saying "all they do is sit in discord" I use my mic all the time and it works fine. People also know me in the sever. I want people to love this sever and make it their safe place. Even me, ive had my fair time of being bullied on other severs while there was no moderator on and it even drove me away from TTT. Ive always loved TTT and will always play it. Even though i only have 7 hours on this sever I believe that I can make a difference on this sever to put a stop to unpunished RDM and bullying.

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