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dox threat shit


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Incident occurred on TTT, at 04/26/22 9:08 PM GMT+10.

My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:117871079

Reported Player: golden (STEAM_0:1:108918688)


Description of incident:


literally just a dox threat (or intent of dox/request of dox?) guy is just a wee bit of a massive fuckwit

"Threats to dox*  will result in permanent ban without appeal."

if this doesnt constitute a ban but some other lesser shit does, fucking nothing does 






https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/876333289047224360/957267589694906458/Garrys_Mod_replay_2022.03.26-23.232.mp4 https://discord.com/channels/361803122638848000/876333289047224360/957267596489670656

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/876333289047224360/957255160135036948/oo.mp4 https://discord.com/channels/361803122638848000/876333289047224360/957255161728892979 short

https://discord.com/channels/361803122638848000/637512968632008704/957263872727871488 server support post


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After reading this report, we made an investigation and deemed that Goldens statement was an attempt at a joke. However, we do take doxing threats seriously, this is not going to be the case here. Golden will be spoken to, but no punishments will be made.

In future, please take more care in your reports, or we may disregard them in time.


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