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Trey for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198070234844

Age: 23

Current Server Level: 22

Recommendation(s) from Staff: @ Monk


About Trey:


Hi guys! I am a Secondary/Primary Psych and English Teacher in training currently residing in QLD. I got into Garry's Mod many years back, probably being one of my first purchased steam games! My Hobbies include travel, tennis and Strategy gaming. Obviously since I am coming close to becoming a registered teacher i enjoy teaching people and interacting with the youth of Australia also. Some of my time is spent studying but mostly a mix of study and games!

I used to be a somewhat successful tennis player until I had a motorcycle accident that lead to me being unable to run for a long while. When i am not playing on Flux TTT i generally play a bit of MOBA's or MMO's including Dota and World Of Warcraft. Or I'm drowning in complex strategy games. I'm quite a friendly person and love interacting with people hence why i am applying!



Reason for Application:


The reason i am applying for the position is that i have always had a passion for multiplayer gaming. However, it is sadly common to have people play and ruin the fun for others. And this is primarily why i am looking to apply, as i really respect what Flux has going for it and would love to be able to upkeep the success it already is providing to the OCE community. I also enjoy the social aspect of the game and would love for people to trust in me for any issues that may arise during their gaming and assist them with this. As stated above, i naturally enjoy teaching and leading so i have always enjoyed the thought of staffing roles. Especially in communities i value.



Previous Experience:

I also realised i should add that i have worked in professional capacity for a Game development company as a community manager, this involved managing forums, discord, QA testing etc. I did sign an NDA for this position however. Thought this would be acceptable as previous experience 😄 


I used to moderate large networks for the game "Unturned" which involved moderating, hiring, firing and other activities for over twelve servers consisting of 60 people each at peak. The process for this took many years from progressing as a Junior Mod all the way through to the 'HR' Aspect of it. I was extremely dedicated to this network, putting hundreds of hours in and ensuring hacking and abuse was dealt with swiftly. (Many screenshots of hackers present in my Steam Screenshot list) Sadly, the game began to die and thus the network followed and it was time to move on to other games and greener pastures. I also was staff for a relatively large Starcraft II competitive group which involved managing teams and games (aswell as removing cheaters from the ladders). However this was relatively short due to the volatility of Starcraft II in OCE. 



Additional Comments:


Thankyou for overlooking this application. I have no lust for power or recognition. I genuinely care about this community and feel i have gotten a decent name for myself out there. Regardless of the outcome thanks for having a look. and feel free to message me at any time 

EDIT : I also forgot to add that i used to staff an SCP Containment Breach server called Kitchen Island (network of 4+ servers). This involved responding to player reports in regards to rule breaking/RDM. Thought that was also useful information


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I haven't seen Trey around on the server for too long, but from what I have seen he would be a good fit.


Has a light and plesant demeanor and is a good time to play with. I rarely see any instances of ignorance to the rules with him too.

It's a +1 from me

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