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lux for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198045914799

Age: 24

Current Server Level: 32

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Richard ThickMrPickles, Jaska V


About lux:


Hey I'm Lux.

During the day I work pretty hard as a plumbing apprentice, but after work I love to unwind with a couple games of TTT. I played competetive TF2 for around 4 years and competed in the highest Aus/NZ division. 
I first started playing TTT back in 2012 and always loved the blend of PvP and detective work; and the general shenanagins that tend to happen amongst that.

This year I've taken up rollerblading (you're never too old right?) and have been really enjoying gliding around carparks and down parking buiulding ramps.





Reason for Application:


I feel the most enjoyable games of TTT are the games where everyone plays to the best of their abilities, within the confines of the rules.

I've studied the server rules thoroughly and feel I have a thorough understanding of how they do and don't apply.

I'm on the server fairly regularly (often when it is unstaffed) and feel like my time, expirience and maturity could help keep this server a fun place to play.



Previous Experience:


I moderated a friend's  TTT server back around 2014 (Super TTT or something like that), but have no recent expirience.



Additional Comments:

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