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Biotoboku's deathrun staff application

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Steam name: Biotoboku


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41532692


Age: 17


Why do you want to become staff? I want to become staff so that I can help take care of this community and help it's members.


Do you have a mic and how often do you use it? Yes I do have a mic and I use it all the time.


How many hours do you have on our server? I have 11 days or 264 hours


Have you been a staff member on any gmod servers? Yes I was a trial moderator on fluffy's murder.


What would you do if you catch someone button spamming? I would give them a warning and if they keep on doing it after that I would kick them.


What would you do if you notice someone ghosting? Make sure that they are ghosting and then kick them if they come back and continue to ghost give them a temp ban.


What would you do if someone starts abusing another player? warn them and then mute or gag them for a certain ammont of time depending on what they were saying and how long they had been abusing the other player/s.


What would you do if someone is mic spamming? warn them and then mute them if they continue to do so.


I have a recomendation from menace.

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