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Banned for inappropriate behaviour. (Chad


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Steam Name: Chad

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:44077695

Reason for Ban: Constant abuse of staff and avoiding punishment.

Staff Member Who Banned You: N/A

Ban Length: 2884 years 30 weeks 6 days 10 hours 35 mins

Your Appeal: "Below"



To whom this may concern,


 I have been banned many months ago and in this time I've had time to reflect upon my actions. I've realised the error in my decision making and believe I'am now a better person who can appropriately behave and get along with other players and staff. What I said was wrong and the way I acted and behaved was inappropriate I understand this now. I see multiple friends playing this server and regret the actions I made, I've read the rules and understand them fully and will be obeying these rules. 


Thank you for you consideration, kind regards Chad.

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After much consideration, we have decided to unban you on the condition that you are on a heavy probation period. This means that if we find that you intentionally breaking our server rules, you will receive another permanent ban without the opportunity to appeal for an unban.

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