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lems ban appeal


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Steam Name: lem


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:221924818


Reason for Ban: Cheating


Staff Member Who Banned You: I'm not sure who banned me


Ban Length: Permanent 


Your Appeal: (Why should your ban be removed?)


I was banned when i was quite new to garrys mod and i thought i was cool because i had free lua cheats i found off mgph, i've played quite alot of garrys mod since then and now wish to play on flux ttt again, it's one of the most popular australian TTT servers and it's got an economy to it which i really dig, i feel like i've matured as a person and realize now that cheating doesnt make people think you're good it makes people think you're a loser, so if theres any possibility of me getting unbanned that would be cool


(i cant find my ban date in bans, have they been cleared or somethin)

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