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Emma - Staff report

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Your Steam Name: Blip Bl0p

Your SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:30738846




Name Of Server: TTT #1

Date & Time of Incident: (DD/MM/YYYY  HH:MM AM/PM) - Couldnt give you an accurate time, somewhere in the last 3~ days on the minecraft map with the lighthouse

Reported Player's Steam Name: Emma - Staff

Reported Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:148288394

What They Did Wrong:

 After Durrburger (who was a frequent player) asked Emma for points or a gun or something, Emma thought it was OK to tell Durrburger "no Fuck off and kill yourself" - Now I normally Dont have a problem with this kind of language if its to a friend, but when its towards a kid and from a staff member who is supposed to represent the server and stop this BS, this is COMPLETELY unacceptable towards a child who has done nothing wrong to anyone and is probably one of the nicest people on the server.


In my line of work I have to deal with people and mental health quite often, and believe it or not, the biggest cause of depression in young people comes from people telling them to "kill yourself" which causes them to doubt themselves and whether or not they are wanted. 

Logged Evidence on Reported Player: (If applicable) - I have none (was not expecting it), The only evidence is Durr himself who has gone to leave the server / Does not want to really use his mic anymore.

Video Evidence on Reported Player: (If applicable) 


I hope this is dealt with properly. 

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