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Server: Flux TTT 1&2


Steam Name: ◎Кошмар◎

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:193057918


Age: 18


Recommendations: Generic (Coffee?)


Why do you want to become staff? - Been on server for along time and have been on a lot of times when there is mass rdmers, abuse towards players and most importantly the amount of hackers I have gotten banned from the server with video evidence and given to the staff members to deal with (12 people in total so far I'm pretty sure)


Do I use a microphone on the server: Nope never used my mic on the server but I have used it a great deal amount on discord and if needed I can speak in-game on the server


How many hours do I have on Flux TTT: 34d 10h


Have you previously been a staff member on any Gmod servers? - Anarchy TTT (Mod), Dredd Faction TTT (Admin) ThatOneGamer TTT (Mod), Mortal TTT (Admin), Vulcan TTT(Head Admin), and VHS-7 and Vulcan deathrun (admin)

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