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Snow Player report


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Your Steam Name: Rose

Your SteamID: You already have it


Name Of Server: Flux TTT

Date & Time of Incident: 29/10/18

Reported Player's Steam Name: Snow

Reported Player's SteamID: It's in the screenshots

What They Did Wrong: Literally RDM'd me two rounds in a row and then instantly left to avoid punishment. The first round he RDM'd me he was shooting at me and around me for no reason when i was a inno and he then killed me as a inno, the next round i was a T and he was a D, the moment the round started he spammed through his mic that i was T baiting when i was a T and DIDNT SHOOT A BULLET, the moment he killed me he DC'd from the server. He is a known minge on the server and it's not the first time hes done this and gotten away with it.

Logged Evidence on Reported Player: https://steamcommunity.com/id/rs-/screenshots/?appid=4000#scrollTop=295


if this kid doesnt get banned sooner or later this server is becoming a joke...

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Once again, the images you have provided do not provide full evidence for your report. From these we can deduct that you were killed by him only once (presumably an RDM), and he left soon afterwards. Nothing there shows that you were killed a second time nor that he mic spammed on the server. I have acted upon the single RDM, but in future, if you are going to continue making player reports can you please provide sufficient evidence to backup your claims.


Issue has been resolved.

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