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tim the warlord loves his power.

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Name Of Server: flux servers TTT

Date & Time of Incident: (20/10/20018  11:55 /PM USA time)

Reported Player's Steam Name: tim the warlord 

Reported Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:66151985

What They Did Wrong: muted me for saying hes a bad staff.


so I was playing TTT, I heard a knife kill noise right next to me. see someone die, the user neon is the only one by the body just looking at it and didnt ID it, so I killed him and he turned out to be a T. he reports me saying he was typing in chat the name of who killed the person, I said he should of ID'ed first then said the name, well tim double slays me for RDM of a T. so then in chat I say tim is the worst staff ever, I say this as a few nights ago he double slayed me for false report when in my eyes the report was legit as I reported someone for false reporting me. but as soon as I say that he mutes me. In the rules it does not say giving an opinion is mutable. and it wasn't even a timed mute like 5min or 10min it was a full on mute that would last untill he unmuted me or untill the server changed levels.  I did not bash him or say anything bad, didnt call him names didnt do anything that against the rules. and that's all I was going to say then I was going to move on take my slays and be done but he muted me so im making this report as I feel this is abuse of power as he was the only staff member on so I could not use admin chat to ask if this was okay to do.


I dont care about the slays but being muted makes the game unplayable as you can't call KOS in chat.


Logged Evidence on Reported Player: (If applicable) I have a screenshot of that chat http://prntscr.com/l8ithh I WAS NOT A T THE ROND THIS HAPPENED ON, we talked in chat right after the next round started.

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I was told by tim the admins saw this and just skipped over it. this is clearly abuse and tim does know its abuse because when I played again I said he's bad staff just to see if he would mute me again and he gave me warning VIA PM telling me to stop or he'd mute me. if it was not abuse he would of just muted me with no warning.


if this report is skipped it just proves that the staff are corrupt

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Issue is resolved, and here are some extra notes for your own benefit.


Firstly, if you kill someone on the assumption that they are traitor (such as hearing a death and killing the closest person), then a player is allowed to make a report and a staff member is fully entitled to slay you for it, as per server rules.


Secondly, insulting a staff member's ability to moderate the server is a quick way to earn yourself a gag/mute. We also do not have any "timed mutes" on our server, so he was correct in his decision.


Finally, the staff did not just "skip over it", and I see nothing wrong with Tim's decision to give you a verbal warning, as you have even just admitted to wanting a retaliation from him.

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