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Player Report- Cassowary

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Your Steam Name: 

Animumu Flux


Your SteamID:



Name Of Server:

 Flux TTT


Date & Time of Incident: 

13/10/18 1:10pm ish?


Reported Player's Steam Name:



Reported Player's SteamID: 



What They Did Wrong: 

RDM- Ongoing issue


Logged Evidence on Reported Player:



and a shitty response: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198087601543/screenshot/963100177861834600

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Hello Animumu,

I'll forward this to a TTT staff member.


Edit: I never forwarded this on but luckily I didn't have to, cause they saw this post anyway and resolved the issue. What a great staff team, I'm super lucky to have them. Especially that Wookie fella, he's the best.

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