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Reporting STEAM_0:1:97219456 for Rule Violation


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Incident occurred on TTT, at 11/26/21 16:00 GMT+10.

My SteamID: no

Reported Player: Linc (STEAM_0:1:97219456)


Description of incident:


goes on an MRDM spree then tries to act as if it was "crossfire". was standing still with no one around, shot me for no reason. then immediately disconnects upon being reported. 







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  • nyo changed the title to Reporting STEAM_0:1:97219456 for Rule Violation

Sorry for taking a while to come back to this.

Seems like he is more than likely at fault here, I will not be dishing out any slays for now, but if I see behavior that coincides with this report. I will be adding the slays on. Unfortunately without video proof of death scene or anyone coming forward to state I can't outwardly dish out slays as the logs only make up 33% of a reports evidence to be final.

If Cool and blessed, Light and Lonc come forward to state the report is true, I will be giving out a total of 4 slays. Until then, eyes will be on this character.

Thank you for the report; hopefully moving forward you have a better experience on the server!


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