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Reporting STEAM_0:0:616559882 for Rule Violation

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Incident occurred on TTT, at 11/25/21 4:29 GMT+10.

My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:616559882

Reported Player: LP (STEAM_0:0:616559882)


Description of incident:

On the second round on ttt_magma, at 4:29pm. I witnessed a player called goon on 5hz RDM a T who was idle, called GOBLIN. And, out of self-defense aka an act that isn't considered a Traitorous act, plus I had reasons to still believe he was a T due to his actions. I called a KOS on him, only to discover he was an inno, which shouldn't matter since he RDMed and I acted out of self-defense. However another player, LP, decided to take advantage of the situation and decided to RDM me as I was in middle of explaining in chat that goon was RDMing, and me calling a KOS was an act of self-defense. I later reported LP, however they didn't get an autoslay for it, even though LP's actions are a clear violation of the rules, RDMing another innocent who was stilling still, and hadn't done anything that would be a traitorous act, since what I did was, again, in self-defense. I tried to clear this up with the mods during the game, only for them to dismiss it and told me to "move on" and "get over it", of course I got frustrated since I felt I was being ingored and may have said somethings in hindsight I'm not proud and will not excuse. However, I'm hoping we can still come to some agreement for something to be done about the situation like giving LP atmost one autoslay for RDMing, instead of ignoring the occurence. Especially since I have evidence to point that proves I was trying to play by the rules and got taken advantage of. Hope you understand



All evidence can be found under 4:29 : ttt_magma Round 2, on 16h, 25, November.

Proof of goon on 5hz RDMing a T, aka GOBLIN: https://imgur.com/a/4WW3uYV

Proof that GOBLIN was idle, hence Goon's actions were KOSable: https://imgur.com/a/nEHysHZ

Proof that LP RDMed me: https://imgur.com/a/M2cVFbQ

The Logs on that round should also prove nothing I did besides KOSing goon for RDMing gave LP any good reason to RDM me

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Firstly, what you have shown as "evidence" is only screenshots of logs. When dealing with reports we watch the death scene and take into account the context of each situation. Although a trial moderator had dealt with your report, I had looked over it and verified it, concluding that it was not RDM.

In the death scene, 'LP' simply saw you KOS an innocent, not seeing anything leading up to it. Because KOS'ing an innocent is, in itself, a traitorous act, they were completely in the right to kill you.

Secondly, the way you acted for HOURS after this event was appalling. Because of your misunderstanding (or blatant ignorance) of the rules, you felt that 'LP' was deserving of a slay, and when he was not given a slay, you spent the next few hours consistently RDM'ing, harassing players and insulting staff. Because you had felt you had been wronged for one round, you felt the need to ruin other peoples' games for back-to-back matches. Regardless of how you feel about your report, having a tantrum for hours after the fact, is completely unnecessary.

And also, you misquoted what the staff said. We told you to "shut up" multiple times after incessantly complaining and overall being a nuisance on the server to all players.

'LP' will not receive any punishment for this, as this issue was already dealt with yesterday.

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Well of course the only evidence I have are logs since they're the only information I'm able to get from the server since I thought the issue would've been resolved, hence why I didn't screenshot other stuff. Also you claim that LP was ignorant to the fact I was KOSing an inno for RDMing a T when he clearly was aware of my intent. You admit that LP was around the area when the incident happen to see it happen closeby, and if that were the case he also would've heared goon start shooting at someone umprompty (an act that would be considered traitorous), and me calling KOS on them was a reasonable reaction, hence I was in the right to kill goon, there LP had no reason to KOS me. Also goon beforehand during the previous map, was RDMing on rounds LP was on, so LP seeing me KOS an inno for RDMing would've been enough for LP to easily conclude that I wasn't acting out with traitorous intent, hence he had no good reason to KOS me. Also might I add that if LP truly believed I might've been a T for killing an inno then why didn't they call a KOS on me for it? Instead what happened was he found me being idle in an area mostly hidden from other players, trying to talk about goon RDMing, something that most people playing at the time were well aware of due to goon RDMing beforehand, and decided to immediately kill me without questioning my intent. Which of course came across as him trying to RDM me.


Also you bringing up how I reacted afterwards is irrelevant, I won't defend myself for what I said, however what we're discussing is if LP's actions were liable of an autoslay, and defending his actions as an act of ignorance of course comes across as a lack of care for other players, especially when they were asking for for why things turned out the way they were and was constantly refused one.

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As I've already said, 'LP' was not in the wrong here. Taking into account the fast-paced nature of the game, and the lack of context he was given, he saw you commit a "traitorous act" (calling a KOS on an innocent player), and that is grounds to kill. And you ask why 'LP' didn't call a KOS on you while he were shooting you - I can't speak for him, but in my case, I rarely call KOS on people because if they turn out to be an innocent, I will be liable for calling a KOS on an innocent person.

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