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Arab Ban Appeal

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Name: That One Arab

Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:56484101

Reason for being banned: Scripting

Staff Member who banned you: Doesn't say but the staff member on at the time, Flux Jack was probably the one who did it. (Confirmation needed).

Ban Length: Permanent

Your Appeal: Why should we unban you?

I thought we know that I don't script/hack. I'd also like to see any footage of me so called "scipting" from the staff member who banned me..

I believe that no thought was put into this unjust ban either and if the conclusion comes to me being innocent then I would like for whoever banned me to have some sort of talking to from the Head Admin.

Once again, footage would be greatly appreciated. Oh and using mousewheel to jump makes bhopping trivial (which is how I bunnyhop).

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