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ban appeal

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Name: jimbo :-)

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:26561750

Reason for being banned: Exploiting (?)

Staff Member who banned you: Not stated

Ban Length: 1 day

Your Appeal: As far as I'm aware I haven't exploited anything. The exploit in question wasn't brought up with me beforehand so I had no idea that I had been doing something exploitative, if I had been at all. If I was doing something against the rules of the server I would've stopped. I've been coming on for a few days now and I'm enjoying myself so I wouldn't pull anything silly 

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You were banned by Accel. I think(not 100% sure which staff) because u were using a player model only available to 1 single staff member and nobody else


Would've been cool if accel had talked to me before banning, and yeah i had some sort of model bug where it showed my selected gmod playermodel instead of the equipped one. If Accel had spoken with me I would've been fine with dcing, changing my playermodel to something else and reconnecting. Hardly think having a specific playermodel is ban worthy though.


ban expires in 5 hours anyways

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Next time (if it occurs), please don't act all shady about it saying:



20:05:47 - DEAD accel.: jimbo how do you have that playermodel

20:05:51 - DEAD accel.: hmmm

20:05:54 - DEAD jimbo :-): im skilled


If you had told me or Cuck about how you did it, this ban would have never occurred in the first place. (I'll unban you now)

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I just got banned again for the same reason, perma this time

The only admin that's actually talked to me about it in game before just outright banning me has been @NotZed so kudos to him for being a decent fella, the person that just banned me told me to explain myself on forums even though this ban appeal serves as the only explanation I have for it, makes me wonder if the staff member even looked at this


man i just want to play some ttt

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