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Chinse Guy and LivingIsGreat :) - Flux Report

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I was informed to make this report after multiple incidents with these two indivduals. 


Incident 1: I was playing around midnight last night and both individuals would seek me out in game and kill me regardless of whether or not they were a traitor, detective or innocent. There was no admin on but I submitted the reports still. Nothing seemed to have happened between then and now.


Incident 2: After big cuck left at about 2pm today, they began doing the same thing again. They ignore my reports, claim im lying or act is he they didnt do it. They are ruining my game and I'm really annoyed about it. They are simply doing it elisit a reponse from me.


I will use this thread to post proof below in hopes of getting action taken against both of them.


If you need any furthe proof or have questions, please dont hesitate to contact me.




American Freedom | Flux

Here is a screenshot.

I'd post more screen shots but I need more attachment memory ::(f you could do something about it, it would be great!

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Hello, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will keep an eye on these individuals. For the future try and attach screenshots of the damage logs aka. them shooting you 1 second into the round compared to you reporting them and the scoreboard. :)

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