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Unban Appeal [MRDM and DC]

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Name: [Flux] Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:197538725

Reason for being banned: MRDM and DC

Staff Member who banned you: Wookie

Ban Length: 4 Days

Your Appeal: Hey guys, yesterday I was banned for MRDM and DC, I own for my actions, I killed 2 people with no legitimate reason and then left to go to sleep, I log on today and see that ive been banned for 4 days. I would like to appeal this ban because I really enjoy playing on your server and would like a second chance. it wont happen again I assure you that. Please consider my appeal.

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The reason you were banned was because over the course of  5-6 rounds (of which you were slain for two of those rounds) you had RDMed innocents five times, one by pushing me off a roof with a barrel and the other four by shooting them for no reason whatsoever. You claimed that your reason for gunning down those four people was a "misclick" each time, and so I gave you only three slays for Mass RDM, along with a verbal warning to stop doing so. You then disconnected from the server while you still had two of those slays active.


Because of these reasons your ban will not be removed, however, because I assume this is your first offence, your ban was reduced down to three (3) days from the original four (4).

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