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A F K I L L E R TTT Staff Application

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Server: TTT


Steam name: A F K I L L E R


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:180637290


Age: 16


Recommendations: 1. Jdogga   2. Flux | Jack


Why do you want to become staff: I have recently gotten back into TTT and noticed a lot more new players so I would love to help out


Do you have a mic and how often do you use it: As some of you might remember i would never use my mic but if you have played on gmod or been on discord with me lately you would know that i do use my mic a lot now.


How many hours do you have on our server: Almost 200 hours.


Have you been a staff member on any other gmod server?: Yes on a prop hunt server around 2 years ago.


i havent been on the server for a while although lately I have been getting back into it. I know all the rules and I would be looking forward to helping out.

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