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Ban Appeal

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Name: Capalaba

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:35709560

Reason for being banned: Cheating / Server Ban Sync

Staff Member who banned you: Anti-Cheat / Ban Sync

Ban Length: Permaban

Your Appeal: Why should we unban you?

About a month or two ago, i was banned from Flux Servers for using ESP (WallHacks) on TTT and then Flux Bunny Hop came out, this is the only good Australian bhop server. I was enjoying myself on the bhop until the Server Sync got added to the server which means i am now banned from Bunny Hop aswell. I would like to request to be unbanned from these servers so i am able to rejoin the Flux Community, I will never again cheat or hack in anyway possible.

Thankyou, Capalaba, Zelpz

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