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New Server Explanation

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New Server Explanation

So with the release of the new server on the 2/04/2021, there will alot of new changes you will see, and some things you are not accustomed to, with this post I hope to clear up a few things and make transitioning onto the new server easier.


As you have seen in the changelog, one of the most unique features that the server hosts are Weapon Modifiers, these modifiers basically enhance the guns stats and provides a unique stat to a gun. These modifiers have they're own rarity and determine the rarity of the gun they are currently on, you can either unbox a gun and get a modifier by chance, or level up the gun by killing your opposites in the gamemode. A key thing to note is that every 5 levels your gun goes through, you'll get a new modifier (capped at 3 modifiers at level 15). However, If you unbox a gun and it already has a modifier on it, you can still rank up your gun like usual, but when you're gun is maxed out with modifers and your gun still levels up then the server will automatically check which one of your modifiers is the lowest grade and level it up. (e.g. Recoil I >> Recoil II).

This sounds a little confusing, but with this explanation and actual playtime it will make much more sense. Another thing to note is that since modifiers determine the rarity of the gun, if you level up a modifier on your gun, and that modifier happens to fall within another rarity class, then that gun will jump up a rarity too.

Xp system:

- The current XP system we have on the server is very old, but works the best that any XP system has ever worked before it, its an adjustable, fully functioning grind machine made intentionally for all types of gamemodes, but is best served in TTT. To get XP and rank up via the leveling system each and every user must kill their respected opposites in the game (Traitor kills Innos and Dets, Innos and dets kill traitors). Rdming your teammates will award no XP and a "Betrayal" Medal. Each and every kill is different, to compensate this, the XP system boasts a wide array of medals, each varying in how much XP they give. You'll find that unique kills that are hard to come by, like crowbar kills or propkills will reward higher XP.

- The medals are added to the middle of your screen as soon you complete a task (e.g. "Headcase": Shoot a moving target) and several medals can be added at once depending on how many medals you completed in a kill, keep in mind you can't grind on soley two players, the XP system is coded to start when there are 3 or more players on the server at a given time. (This may be adjusted as necessary)

- To view your 'Level' (an attained rank given to players, much like Flux's custom levels 1-100) you can either press Tab to see your Level, which is also shown to every other player on the server or by pressing 'F1' then going to 'Rank Info'. Medal information is also displayed in the 'F1 Menu' to the far right shown as 'Medals' and informs you about all of the medals you can achieve on the server. (Each level has a set colour and much like any other XP system, the higher you go up the ladder the more harder attaining the next rank will become).

- Every time you rank up a level you will recieve in game point shop points, much like you did in Classic, obviously the higher you go, the more points you receive, every 5 ranks you will also receive donator points, so you can grind if you really wanted to!

General questions:

  • Q: Will my progress cross over?
    • A: Unfortunately no, new system, new code, new server. None of your progress will be transfered over.
  • Q: Will donations be ported over in some way?
    • A: Yes! Anyone who's ever donated on the server will have a certain amount of time of VIP, your donations overall equates to how long you get to keep the VIP for. You'l recieve a popup on joining the new server that will explain it all.
  • Q: Is the server going to be basically the same?
    • A: As stated before, no. Slowly things that were on the old server will be added in, like gambling and coinflip, but for the first week or so, you wont see gambling, cf, boosters etc.
  • Q: I was banned on the old server, am I banned here?
    • A: That depends, all minor bans have been wiped clear. The only bans that will remain are cheating, ddossing, severe bans and community bans. You could always check to see once you try to join the new server, if you for some reason are still banned, then be sure to appeal

More and more shit is going to be added eventually, which you as the community will see in the changelogs themselves, if you have any bugs, be sure to either report them on the forums or in the discord. Suggestions are the same as well. If you want to apply for staff, be sure to apply via the forums, stay safe and have fun.

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