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Brath's Staff apllication.

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Steam name: Flux | Brath


Steam id: STEAM_0:0:90485685


Age: 18


Why do you want to become staff?: I strongly feel there is a lack of staff on the servers lately, due to this there has been an increase in rule twisting by alot of players.


Do you have a mic and how often do you use it?: I do and use it all the time.


How many hours do you have on our server?: i would roughly say 10 at this point in time


Have you been a staff member on any gmod servers?: Not Gmod servers, servers for other games.


These are things that will most likely occur on our server please tell us how you would handle these situations; 


What would you do if you see someone RDM or Mass RDM then leave? : Take the RDMer's name down, and report him to either an admin or other staff member, and warn the player via a PM.


What would you do if someone starts abusing another player?: If there is a server mute option, mute said player and send them a message via PM about the situation and warn them about doing so in the future.



What would you do if someone is mic spamming?: Warn the player 1-2 times, and the mute said player, and put a report ticket in.


What would you do if you catch someone hacking or scripting?: This would be a 100% ban of the player, hacking and scripting is not tolerated.


What would you do if you catch someone metagaming/ghosting?: I would take the apropriate actions, stated in the rules section.


Thanks for your time and consideration to look at my application.

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