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Found 4 results

  1. Just wondering how to change your character, ty.
  2. TTT Changelogs 2021 - 2022 Recap
  3. Here are the updated Guidelines for Sprays. Anything listed below is AGAINST the rules. Nudity / Naked people; This includes human-like artwork (cartoons, anime, etc) There should not be any part visible of the human body that you wouldn’t be able to see on a public beach for example, meaning; No female nipples, No genitals, No assholes. Again, this includes any human-like artwork as stated above. As well as separate imagery of sex organs; Penises, female nipples, vaginas and assholes. Female nipples that are easily visible through clothing. Penises that also are easily visible through clothing, such as a visible outline, pushing against clothing etc. You should not be able to see at least 50% in outlines of mentioned sex organs. Human- and Animal body disfigurement; Imagery and pictures showing severe body damage and harm. Things such as broken bones, internal organs, loose limbs and anything that would be classified as disturbing for most players. Anything that is against the law “Jokes or memes” that involves things such as pedophilia, child abuse, sexual abuse are STRICTLY not allowed. Any imagery or pictures that would dox players, such as their faces, addresses, etc. (Face being allowed if they have said players' permission) Slurs; STRICTLY NO slurs no matter the intent of it or the meaning it contains; Racial slurs, homophobic slurs, transphobic slurs etc. Anime / Cartoon-like “artwork” imagery that is over sexualized; This includes things such as over exaggerated human body parts. As well as being in a very sexual position, red cheeks (blushing) from sexual acts, sweat or drooling. (Bare in mind that this is for any imagery that is over sexualized) Imagery that shows any form or sexual behavior that wouldn’t be allowed or tolerated in a public place, again that also contains sex organs or where the sex organ is implied to exist. Images or pictures that could damage the reputation of the community Negative comments about the community Anything that contains a staff members’ avatar or anything that implies that the spray is about a current staff member. Nazi content Incorrect Information; Basically anything that is there to attempt to convince players of something that isn’t true, lies, rumors, false information etc. (As sprays are for players to eg. express themselves, not to spread misinformation) Touchy subjects are also to be avoided, as well as politics.
  4. All TTT rules are enforced by Flux Servers Staff Members at their discretion - if you have a problem or a concern with how a situation is being handled or need clarification on a rule, please contact a Senior Staff Member (i.e. Senior Moderator or higher) either through Steam or Discord. Definitions* of common unknown terms are described below. Flux TTT Rules: Any form of personal attacks, harassment or other forms of abuse are not allowed, including foul, degrading, homophobic, sexist or racist remarks, etc. All usernames and sprays must be SFW* and appropriate for all. Usernames must also be easily identifiable by all on the server. No cheating, cheat scripts, barrier jumping, map exploits*, glitching or hacks of any kind. Threats to dox* will result in permanent ban without appeal. No advertising other communities on the server. No impersonating staff members or other players. Do not RDM* fellow players, you need sufficient evidence proving that a player is a traitor to kill them. No teaming* or metagaming*. Refusal to identify any unidentified bodies is an acceptable reason to Kill on sight (KOS*). Destroying a health station or making it inaccessible is KOSable. Any bounties or other forms of betting points and/or items on someone’s death or survival during a round is slayable. When claiming any traitor weapon, it must be explicitly announced in text chat. Do not kill AFK players, rule-breakers or revenge RDM, only shoot in self-defence and not for previous rounds reasons. Claiming rooms or areas of the map is not allowed and can be grounds for KOS. Committing a traitorous act* or traitor baiting* is grounds for KOS (examples below). Do not accuse people of being traitor without intending to KOS them. Refusing to test is NOT grounds for a KOS. Definitions: SFW: Safe for work, keep all content PG and appropriate for all people and ages. Map Exploits: You may find areas of maps on our server that can be exploited, such as locations that should not be accessed by players during the game. If you find any exploits please report them on our forums so they can be dealt with. If we catch you intentionally exploiting on our server you will be subject to severe punishment. Dox: Finding and publishing any private information about an individual on the internet with malicious intent. RDM: Random death match - When an Innocent or a Detective damages or kills another player for: An illogical reason. (e.g. shooting someone who may be sitting still) No reason at all. Assumptions based on how a player moves and talks. Throwing grenades away from other players. Disobeying an order. Pointing a gun at someone. Teaming: Teaming up with Traitors as an innocent/detective and turning a blind eye to traitor kills or traitorous acts. Metagaming: Giving out any information about the game to alive players while dead or through external use of any method of communication (Which the alive players shouldn't know). KOS: Kill on sight - self explanatory. Traitorous Acts: Shooting around or towards other players, unless for self-defence. Throwing frag or fire grenades around or towards other players, unless for self-defence. (Throwing smokes is not a NOT Traitorous act.) Declaring KOS order on an innocent. Planting or using any explosives. (SLAM, C4, Jihad etc.) Actively tailing other players with explosive items. Damaging or killing players using weapons or map objects, unless for self-defense. Entering the Traitor room by any means (unless player is detective). Chasing player with any claimed or unclaimed traitor weapons. Traitor Baiting: Shooting near or at people without reason. Traitorous activities that can be considered grounds for a KOS. Rules may be changed by Flux Servers Staff at their discretion without any notice at all. Remember, TTT is dynamic and sometimes decisions need to be made. This is a guide, please use common sense when it comes to the interpretation of these rules.
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