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Chicken_Junior Mod Application

Guest ChickenJr|Flux

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Guest ChickenJr|Flux

Steam Name: || Chicken_Junior || Flux ||

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:70657658




Age: 18 (Even though I don’t always act it)



Why do you want to become staff?  Well I'm falling in love with this server and 'most' people in it; I'd also like to get back into moderating/admining since when my old server Xtria went to the dog house I lost my Mod there.



Do you have a mic and how often do you use it? Yes, I use it all the time...... even at 3:39Am while I yell "YEET YEET YEET" instead of just calling out the T



How many hour do you have on our server? 5D 5H 7M



Have you been a staff member on any other Gmod servers? Yes, I’ve moderated/admin on Xtria for most of my hours on Gmod about 400-500hours and I moderated for a bit on Poseidon 



These are things that will most likely occur on our server please tell us how you would handle these situations;


What would you do if you see someone RDM or Mass RDM then leave? On other servers it would be 2 slays for RDM+Leave, for MRDM+Leave it would be a 4-5-day ban


What would you do if someone starts abusing another player?  Warn them but if they persist to harass/insult the person gag them.


What would you do if someone is mic spamming? Warn them once again if they continue gag them.


What would you do if you catch someone hacking or scripting? On Xtria it was a warning then a 5 day ban if they continue.


What would you do if you catch someone meta-gaming/ghosting? Once again on Xtria you warn them, and ban them for a week if they continue. If they are to join back and meta-game it became a 1-month ban.


Extra little bonuses of having me as admin would be that: 

-You'd nearly always have a staff on in-between the hours of 9pm-4am, 

-I'm always happy to do any reports 

-I have a history of Admining/Moderating 

-I'm a people’s person and very lovable

-I'm friends with a lot of the community on the server

-I'm happy to self-punish if I break the rules

-I'm very understanding when it comes to new players or those who simply refuse to learn

-I can fill that gap where there's no admins online 

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