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Headless Gorilla's Ban Appeal (Constant Karma Bans?)

Guest Headless Gorilla

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Guest Headless Gorilla

So, some kid starts tryna RDM me, lies about shit and keeps tryna RDM me (Few other RDMers aswell, and a few of my own fuck ups). I get a karma ban, chat with Cooltank for a bit (He warned the kid) but about 1 hour later I check back to see if the karma ban is gone, and I'm banned for "Constant Karma Bans".


Sure I have gotten quite a few karma bans over the time I've played, but most of the time that's because people try RDM me/kill me for some BS reason and I have a mingun so I defend myself successfully. Obviously I do fuck up a lot, but who doesn't? I just don't think I should be banned for being shot at and owning a minigun. This is the only server without constant abuse, a good point system, and active staff.


I do enjoy playing and sure I'm shit at it, but why must I be banned for it?





Steam Name: Headless Gorilla

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41078644

Ban Reason: "Constant Karma Bans"

Who banned you?: No idea.

Hours on the server: 36 hours.

Why do you want to be un-banned?: Only non abusive server.

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