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Didn't recieve my points


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I was casually playing TTT as we all do, and i placed a 70k cf in this morning, i encouraged wild card to do it but he didn't so i left it just incase he would change his mind. Anyways I was playing early this morning and i received a karma ban. Now at this point i didn't realize that i left my 70k cf in the cf menu. I figured it would just go back to my shop, but it didn't. I approached Accel about it and i thank you for trying but provided no solutions and or help. So my question is why i didn't recieve my points. Accel mentioned that you don't receive points back if you left it in the cf menu after receiving a karma ban... why is that??? I can leave the server whenever i want and still have the points leave the cf menu and go back in my account... when the server changes maps it goes back into my account why when i get a karma ban it doesn't??? I assume this is a glitch or something? I payed for the $50 package and besides the donator points I lost all the points from that package. Pretty fken pissed off this happened. Anyways hope i can get my points back. Cheers

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