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Coolguy man thing's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:172000161

Reason for ban: joke about vietnamese (I think)

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: Perma



I used to play on this server a year or two ago, I haven't played in a long time on Garry's mod but I saw a player model pack from a different game I really like (Trepang2 to be exact) on workshops so I decided to hop on here after 1 - 2 years, after checking it out I check out the servers and hop on here because it's TTT and I remember I liked TTT but I'm here and I'm perma gagged. Also I'm level 30 that's cool I guess

I think I got gagged for a racist joke, I used to be really edgy back then because I was desperate for attention but reflecting back on it I'm kinda sad I spent all that time getting to know people and grinding on Flux only to get perma gagged

I would like it a lot if I got ungagged, I understand if people are hesitant since based on reports I was pretty unhinged but I'm not dumb and I've matured since then.  There's nothing really to lose because if I'm problematic I can get gagged again simple I just wanna chill with mates and talk with people that's pretty much it

but yeah if I get refused then I'd be disappointed but understanding

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Racism is always a big no, if it was just a year or two ago, you'll have to really show that you aren't just gunna hop back on and do some wack shit. I'll +1 this but at the same time I don't know you enough based on those reports so it's definitely a higher up decision.


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