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Kareem Abdul-Jableeveland's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57422909

Reason for ban: Mass Rdm

Issuing staff member: Jezza

Ban length: 5 Days



Hi, I was banned for mass RDM it was late at night and the server had devolved into rdming. It wasnt just me there were other members for the life of me I cannot recall their names but everyone was killing. I was just playing along I thought everyone was on the same page.

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Hey mate, thanks for making the appeal.


I banned you because you had 4 valid reports in a map (plus one the first map after) which were all intentional due to the nature of your responses. Whilst the population was low and there was a few other reports it did not seem to be an all out rdm fest.

Since it was your first ban and due to the nature of the circumstances perhaps the ban was a little harsh and I will unban you now. The slays will be added and you will receive a warning.


Thank you.

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