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Small cash reward for the first time you get MVP each day


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So whilst every round either the Innocents win or the Traitors win, we all know the real winner is whoever the MVP spinner lands on.

My suggestion is that similar to how the daily log in rewards encourage regular activity, a small fluxbux reward (maybe between 2.5k-7.5k) for the first time a player recieves MVP each day would encourage not only logging in daily, but also playing well and playing a few rounds.

The MVP rewards are great, and something I personally aim for each session. A once-a-day bonus for achieving it would be fun to aim for. 

It wouldn't be announced to the server, just a chat line under "You were this rounds MVP and have recieved _____" "You have been awarded $5000 for your first MVP of the day"

I think it's important that it's a cash prize and not VIP points, as VIP points are already awarded for playing well in a round (2 T kills, 5 inno kills etc) and often accompany the MVP award anyways.

Thanks for reading!

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