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Tim Tam for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: timtammo

Age: 19

Current Server Level: 23

Recommendation(s) from Staff:

@ Giga WRonin
@ birbobert


About Tim Tam:


My name is Jackson, i am from Bendigo, Victoria. i am 19, a drummer in a band and currently working part time at a Hardware store. I also have alot of experience with technology eg (game design, media, etc)
I also take an interest in Astrophotography (Photographing the night sky) to capture galaxies, nebulae etc/>

I have played TTT since i was in High school, around 2018-2019, i used to play every day/night then stopped for a while due to schooling etc. But now that i am back playing i forgot how fantastic the game is, and the community of some of the servers. i have met a lot of new people on Flux, and try to make friends with everyone.



Reason for Application:


Back when i used to play, i had the opportunity to be a Trial Admin but turned down the offer due to myself not playing much anymore. When i went to play that server again, i thought it had been shut down. So now that i am back playing, i still have that same feeling of wanting to apply for Moderation. i believe i could be a great use in helping stagg out handling reports, to work more in the Flux community. i deal with alot of people in my workspace and am friendly, cooperative and reliable.



Previous Experience:


I do not have any moderation experience on previous servers. If anything bad was said, done or any hacking/rdming was involved when no mods were online, I would let one of the friendly mods who i had met know, and he would always thank me.



Additional Comments:


I am on almost every day, just hope that to whom this application is judged by, i can be of interest for the future, Thank you


if you wanna see what i do - here is my band: My band


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